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Publisher's description

Ranorex is a neat and efficient toolset that allows you to automate your UI testing by recording your UI actions without the need to write any code. However, all recordings can have a code file in the background, which gives you the possibility to customize your test scripts if you wish to. In addition, its excellent object recognition enables you to identify the UI elements of your application, regardless of whether it’s a Web or Windows based UI.

What's new in version 3.2

- Added automatic variable binding functionality to test suite editor
- Added search functionality to test suite editor and test module browser
- Test suite properties will now also show up in the property grid in Ranorex Studio
- Adding a new simple data connector now allows specifying its name
- External references can now be refreshed using the "Refresh" context menu entry
- Ranorex Studio now provides a dialog for adding a variable in a user code module
- Added "BrowserArgs" property to Open Website action allowing to pass arguments to the browser
- Improved performance of FindSingle calls for RanoreXPaths with descendant-or-self axis
- The Ranorex Licensing Tool now provides the functionality to initiate a license transfer
- A floating license is not acquired any more if a valid node-locked license is installed on the client
- Improved performance and handling of aborted connections in Ranorex license server protocol (Note: the license server version must always be equal to or higher than the client version)
- The Ranorex License Server Tool now shows the host name of clients (using Ranorex V3.2 or higher)
- Fixed mouse and keyboard hanging issue when debugging in Ranorex Studio
- Fixed mapping of Java elements according to their superclass
- The Flex BitmapAsset class is now correctly recognized as a Picture
- Improved memory consumption of XML parser
- Fixed conversion of conditional constants when converting a VB.NET project to C#
- Fixed namespace of recording user code files when converting a C# project to VB.NET
- Automatically generated code files do not overwrite existing files any more
- Fixed some cosmetic issues in Ranorex report

What's new in version 3.1

Major features :
- Added support for Firefox 4, 5, and 6
- Added support for Java AWT/Swing
- Added support for Flex 4.5 controls
- Added Ranorex Instrumentation wizard to facilitate technology instrumentation
- Improved Ranorex module browser by grouping modules in folders and adding a search field
- Added way to instrument Flash/Flex applications without changing the application source (preloader)
- Added 64 bit support for GDI/RawText plugin

General changes/Features :
- Added ability to enable/disable modules within a test suite
- Added public test suite API
- Added possibility to set the output directory for reports dynamically using placeholders
- Added context menu item to mark a repository as the default repository of a project
- Added functionality to find all code references for repository items
- Repository items now have a context menu entry to find all references to an item
- The adapter type generated for a repository item can now be set
- Added functionality to merge user code actions in recordings
- Added setting to validation actions specifying whether to create a screenshot in the report
- Added Report.Screenshot overload that allows capturing the surrounding area of an element
- Added possibility to specify the report levels for validation actions
- Run Application and Open Browser actions now support maximizing the opened window
- Screenshots in recordings and repository can now be exported to files
- Added a global timeout factor that scales all element search timeouts at runtime
- Added possibility to refresh children of MSAA tree items (AccessibleTreeItem.UpdateSubTree method)
- Configuration settings can now be set via and printed to the command line (if not running a test suite or recording, call the Configuration.HandleCommandLineArguments to use this feature)
- Ranorex Studio now creates an additional Visual Studio 2010 solution and allows referencing .NET 4.0 assemblies
- Ranorex Studio now supports drag & drop operations from repository items to a code editor, thereby automatically generating code to access the repository item

Bugs :
- Fixed possible infinite recursion in Flex recognition caused by non-standard ITreeDataDescriptor implementations
- Fixed behavior of EnsureVisible for Flex tab pages, DataGroup, AdvancedDataGrid, and Scroller
- Fixed tracking problems with Flash geometry, transparent containers, and with ItemRenderers in full-width columns
- Fixed property retrieval for FlexDataItem capability
- Fixed generation of user code methods for recordings inheriting from base classes
- Copying actions or repository items to other recordings/repository now correctly copies variables, too
- Fixed repository cleanup where images and variables were falsely marked as not used
- Fixed "Add to Repository" functionality in Spy to use the current RanoreXPath when in edit mode
- Fixed behavior of the F3 key when searching a project or solution in Ranorex Studio
- Fixed copying of report files to the "Reports" folder in Ranorex Studio if the report file does not have the extension "rxlog"

Breaking Changes :
- Formerly non-public test suite API now returns public interfaces instead of concrete classes
- The Flex RichText control is now recognized correctly as Text
- The Flex VDividedBox control is now recognized correctly as Container
- The Flex ToggleButtonBar control is now recognized correctly as ToolBar
- Changed Element.InvokeAction(string, params string[]) method name to InvokeActionWithText due to an ambiguity with Element.InvokeAction(string, params object[]) if no argument was used

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