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Publisher's description

Ranorex is a test automation for multiple environments, devices and applications. Ranorex offers easy-to-use test automation tools for developing and managing test automation projects. Ranorex´s excellent GUI object recognition makes it easy to handle dynamically built user interfaces by using the powerful RanoreXPath identifier.

What's new in version 5.2

- Added support for Firefox 35.
- Fixed DeviceOrientation attribute of iOS MobileApp elements to always return a correct value.
- Fixed issue that caused instrumented iOS apps to call tableView:cellForRowAtIndexpath: although the table was empty (zero sections).
- Fixed Swipe action on iOS to work correctly on nested controls.
- Fixed an unhandled exception when trying to set a text attribute of an iOS element to an empty string.
- Fixed validations to work correctly with complex Java attributes.
- Fixed recognition of WPF popups hosted by a WinForms application.
- Fixed recognition of columns and text content within Qt tree items without display role.
- Fixed recognition of header and first column cells in Qt tables.
- Fixed Delphi control names encoded in ANSI to be recognized correctly for older Delphi versions.
- Fixed unhandled exception when trying to include a recording into a project and the repository cannot be found.
- Fixed Studio to correctly save all settings when the user logs out or reboots the machine without closing Studio first.
- Fixed all command line arguments specified in a project to be passed correctly to the executable when debugging.
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