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Publisher's description

Ranorex is a test automation for multiple environments, devices and applications. Ranorex offers easy-to-use test automation tools for developing and managing test automation projects. Ranorex┬┤s excellent GUI object recognition makes it easy to handle dynamically built user interfaces by using the powerful RanoreXPath identifier.

What's new in version 5.2

- Added support for Firefox 35.
- Fixed DeviceOrientation attribute of iOS MobileApp elements to always return a correct value.
- Fixed issue that caused instrumented iOS apps to call tableView:cellForRowAtIndexpath: although the table was empty (zero sections).
- Fixed Swipe action on iOS to work correctly on nested controls.
- Fixed an unhandled exception when trying to set a text attribute of an iOS element to an empty string.
- Fixed validations to work correctly with complex Java attributes.
- Fixed recognition of WPF popups hosted by a WinForms application.
- Fixed recognition of columns and text content within Qt tree items without display role.
- Fixed recognition of header and first column cells in Qt tables.
- Fixed Delphi control names encoded in ANSI to be recognized correctly for older Delphi versions.
- Fixed unhandled exception when trying to include a recording into a project and the repository cannot be found.
- Fixed Studio to correctly save all settings when the user logs out or reboots the machine without closing Studio first.
- Fixed all command line arguments specified in a project to be passed correctly to the executable when debugging.

What's new in version 5.1

General changes/Features
- Added support for Firefox 32
- Fixed lags when editing code files in solutions with a lot of modules
- Fixed potential infinite wait time when calling RepoItemInfo.WaitForNotExists and WebDocument.WaitForDocumentLoaded with a TimeoutFactor set to a value higher than 1
- Fixed potential infinite wait time on machines where the processor timestamp is not synchronized correctly
- Fixed WebElement/WebDocument element instances potentially getting invalid if a new tab or window is opened in IE (with addon)
- Fixed reliable recognition of Java windows created in special thread groups, e.g. an applet thread group
- Fixed Android APK instrumentation to also correctly handle activity methods declared as final
- Fixed potential issue that element recognition could destroy the DOM in CordovaWebView on Android 4.4
- Fixed some visible iOS elements being shown as invisible when the device is in landscape mode

What's new in version 3.2

- Added automatic variable binding functionality to test suite editor
- Added search functionality to test suite editor and test module browser
- Test suite properties will now also show up in the property grid in Ranorex Studio
- Adding a new simple data connector now allows specifying its name
- External references can now be refreshed using the "Refresh" context menu entry
- Ranorex Studio now provides a dialog for adding a variable in a user code module
- Added "BrowserArgs" property to Open Website action allowing to pass arguments to the browser
- Improved performance of FindSingle calls for RanoreXPaths with descendant-or-self axis
- The Ranorex Licensing Tool now provides the functionality to initiate a license transfer
- A floating license is not acquired any more if a valid node-locked license is installed on the client
- Improved performance and handling of aborted connections in Ranorex license server protocol (Note: the license server version must always be equal to or higher than the client version)
- The Ranorex License Server Tool now shows the host name of clients (using Ranorex V3.2 or higher)
- Fixed mouse and keyboard hanging issue when debugging in Ranorex Studio
- Fixed mapping of Java elements according to their superclass
- The Flex BitmapAsset class is now correctly recognized as a Picture
- Improved memory consumption of XML parser
- Fixed conversion of conditional constants when converting a VB.NET project to C#
- Fixed namespace of recording user code files when converting a C# project to VB.NET
- Automatically generated code files do not overwrite existing files any more
- Fixed some cosmetic issues in Ranorex report

What's new in version 3.1

Major features :
- Added support for Firefox 4, 5, and 6
- Added support for Java AWT/Swing
- Added support for Flex 4.5 controls
- Added Ranorex Instrumentation wizard to facilitate technology instrumentation
- Improved Ranorex module browser by grouping modules in folders and adding a search field
- Added way to instrument Flash/Flex applications without changing the application source (preloader)
- Added 64 bit support for GDI/RawText plugin

General changes/Features :
- Added ability to enable/disable modules within a test suite
- Added public test suite API
- Added possibility to set the output directory for reports dynamically using placeholders
- Added context menu item to mark a repository as the default repository of a project
- Added functionality to find all code references for repository items
- Repository items now have a context menu entry to find all references to an item
- The adapter type generated for a repository item can now be set
- Added functionality to merge user code actions in recordings
- Added setting to validation actions specifying whether to create a screenshot in the report
- Added Report.Screenshot overload that allows capturing the surrounding area of an element
- Added possibility to specify the report levels for validation actions
- Run Application and Open Browser actions now support maximizing the opened window
- Screenshots in recordings and repository can now be exported to files
- Added a global timeout factor that scales all element search timeouts at runtime
- Added possibility to refresh children of MSAA tree items (AccessibleTreeItem.UpdateSubTree method)
- Configuration settings can now be set via and printed to the command line (if not running a test suite or recording, call the Configuration.HandleCommandLineArguments to use this feature)
- Ranorex Studio now creates an additional Visual Studio 2010 solution and allows referencing .NET 4.0 assemblies
- Ranorex Studio now supports drag & drop operations from repository items to a code editor, thereby automatically generating code to access the repository item

Bugs :
- Fixed possible infinite recursion in Flex recognition caused by non-standard ITreeDataDescriptor implementations
- Fixed behavior of EnsureVisible for Flex tab pages, DataGroup, AdvancedDataGrid, and Scroller
- Fixed tracking problems with Flash geometry, transparent containers, and with ItemRenderers in full-width columns
- Fixed property retrieval for FlexDataItem capability
- Fixed generation of user code methods for recordings inheriting from base classes
- Copying actions or repository items to other recordings/repository now correctly copies variables, too
- Fixed repository cleanup where images and variables were falsely marked as not used
- Fixed "Add to Repository" functionality in Spy to use the current RanoreXPath when in edit mode
- Fixed behavior of the F3 key when searching a project or solution in Ranorex Studio
- Fixed copying of report files to the "Reports" folder in Ranorex Studio if the report file does not have the extension "rxlog"

Breaking Changes :
- Formerly non-public test suite API now returns public interfaces instead of concrete classes
- The Flex RichText control is now recognized correctly as Text
- The Flex VDividedBox control is now recognized correctly as Container
- The Flex ToggleButtonBar control is now recognized correctly as ToolBar
- Changed Element.InvokeAction(string, params string[]) method name to InvokeActionWithText due to an ambiguity with Element.InvokeAction(string, params object[]) if no argument was used

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